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One of the most important advices for aspiring plumbers is to get training from an apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship program will provide you with the necessary equipment to begin your career as a plumber. Besides the tools, you will also need the right attire and safety gear, including gloves and a hard hat for cold weather. Also, remember the golden rule when it comes to plumbing safety: never touch hot water or piping with your fingernails!

In order to get a good job as a plumber, you should have excellent customer service skills. Try to be friendly, ask questions to understand problems, and never forget to thank your customers for their business. It’s also recommended to take business classes at a community college.

Another good advice is to check online reviews of different plumbers. While there will always be negative reviews, they’re often only about small inconveniences that weren’t really their fault. Instead of reading through them, search for feedback that is more meaningful and helpful. For instance, if you notice a pattern of complaints about the plumber underpricing his work or not finishing the job on time, it could be a sign that the plumber you’re considering is not the best one for the job.

Another advice that you must listen to before studying plumbing is to research and choose the best program for you. Ensure that you choose a government-approved plumbing school, as these programs usually meet the highest standards. Lastly, you must understand that there are many different facets of plumbing, so it’s crucial to understand all the nooks and crannies of the field.

Jeremy Patterson



September 2023